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St. Clair County Circuit Clerk
Frequently asked family case questions

What are the traffic & misdemeanor hours at the St Clair County Circuit Clerk’s Office?
The traffic & misdemeanor department including the fine payment window is open from 8:15am to 4:15pm, Monday through Friday.
Where in the St Clair County Building are you located?
The Circuit Clerk’s Office Traffic & Misdemeanor Department is on the third floor of the north wing. The fine payment window is on the first floor of the north wing of the building.
Can I pay my fine over the phone or online?
Yes. Go to to make a payment. Phone payments are not available.

What forms of payment do you accept online?

You can pay online using Discover or MasterCard. Due to their current policy, we are unable to proces Visa card payments.

What forms of payment do you accept at the courthouse?
For traffic and misdemeanor fines we accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and Visa or MasterCard (there is an additional $5 fee assessed with a credit card payment). Restitution or license forfeiture (suspension) cases must be with cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Bond money must be paid with cash. Go to the website for payments forms accepted online.
Do I have a warrant?
You can contact the St Clair County Circuit Clerk’s Office for that information, have your ticket number or case number available when you call.
When is my court date?
You can contact the St Clair County Circuit Clerk’s Office for that information- have your ticket number or case number available when you call. You can also search via our online court system.
What will happen if I miss my court date?
If you miss your court date the Judge will make a decision on your file & if we have your correct address, you should receive a notice in the mail within 10 working days. If you do not receive a notice in 10 working days, you’ll need to contact our office to find out what happened with your case.
What is the telephone number for the traffic division?
Call (618) 277-6600 ext 2332 and ask for the traffic division- have your ticket number or case number ready when you call.
What if I lost my ticket or other paperwork?
Call the St Clair County Circuit Clerk’s Office and ask the traffic clerk to look up your name, but be advised that this is not the most accurate way to access the information. For example a spelling error could occur if the officer’s handwriting is hard to read, etc.
Why is my driver’s license suspended?
If you’re licensed in the State of Illinois, you need to contact the Secretary of State for that information. Their telephone number is (217) 785-8619 or online at Be sure to get all of the information regarding the reason your license is suspended and the ticket number. If you’re licensed in another state you will have to contact the state in which you’re licensed.
Is there an area in the courthouse where I can do my legal research?
Yes, we have a “Legal Self-Help Center” in the Law Library on the first floor of the courthouse. Hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday or online

What is the State Disbursement phone number?
What is Healthcare and Family Services phone number?
Have you processed a payment for me and when will it be mailed to me?
If it is a pass through check, the check will be mailed the following work day, unless it was the last work day of the week, then the check would be mailed that same day. If the payment was deposited into our child support account, we will not mail the check to the client, until the deposit has been made.
Do I have an active body attachment?
The clerk can look this information up on the FACTS system over the phone.
My child turned 18 or will turn 18 what do I do? When does my child support end?
Review your last court order to see if it states an end date. All cases are different, some cases may state to pay until the child graduates from high school or 18 whichever is later. If your case is being monitored by Healthcare and Family Services you may want to contact their office at 1-800-447-4278 and ask their office if they will be sending out a termination order / notice to withhold in the near future. If Healthcare and Family Services is not monitoring your case and you had an Attorney respect you, you may want to contact that Attorney for legal advice. If your court order does not state a specified end date, you may file a pro-se petition to request a termination order.
I lost my job or making less money what do I do to modify my order?
You may visit our web site for the documents to file a pro-se petition and data sheet. Both forms must be filled out in black ink only. You must stay in the format the case originally was opened up. You may review the guidelines on how to file a pro-se petition. These forms are also available in our office.
Why am I not getting my child support?
If your case is being monitored by Healthcare and Family Services you may contact their office at 1-800-447-4278, so they can inquire for you.
Are there any programs through the State that will help enforce child support?
Healthcare and Family Services has a program where the State’s Attorney Office will respect you free of charge. The application for this program is available in our office or available on State of Illinois web page. Healthcare and Family Services will only collect child support and back child support owed. Their office will not collect college expenses.
What are the maintenance / child support annual fee bills? Why do I owe this fee?
The maintenance fee is a law that was passed in 1987, where it states that the payor pays the Circuit Clerk Office a fee of $36.00 annual. If the payor becomes more than $72.00 delinquent and more than 30 days behind, St.Clair County will turn your case over to the St.Clair County Delinquent Tax Agent and there will additional fees owed to their office.
I have a new job and I need to report my new employer? (State cases and regular cases)
If your case is being monitored by Healthcare and Family Services you may call 1-800-447-4278 and report your new employer. If your case is not being monitored by Healthcare and Family and you have an Attorney representing you, you may contact that Attorney. You may also prepare your own order / notice to withhold and bring the original to our office and to have it filed and we will give a copy to you to forward to the payroll clerk. Please note that our office does not serve order / notice to withhold to any employer.
I can not come for my court date today, what can I do?
Contact our office within the next few business days to find out what happened in court.
Could you call his or her employer and find out why they did not send the correct amount of child support?
If your case is being monitored by Healthcare and Family Services, you may want to contact their office regarding your payment.
How to get my child support enforced when he or she has not been paying?
If your case is being monitored by Healthcare and Family Services you may want to contact their office at 1-800-447-4278. If you are not on that program, you may want to contact their office to become a client. If you had an Attorney representing you, you may want to contact that Attorney. You may also file a pro-se petition with our office, but remember there is no one from our office enforcing the court order.
How do I get my driver license reinstated due to child support reasons?
You may contact a private Attorney for legal advice or file a pro-se petition with our office asking the Judge to reinstate your driver’s license. If there is a court order reinstating your license, you will owe our office a fee of $45.00 before any paperwork is sent to Secretary of State for reinstatement. That fee can only be paid by money order, cash, or cashier check. No personal checks will be accepted.
I need to change my address?
We can only accept address changes in writing. Your name, old address, new address, social security number, and case number. You may mail your change of address to Clerk of the Circuit Clerk P. O. Box 8447 Belleville, IL 62222.
I need to talk to someone from the States Attorney office?
The State’s Attorney Office phone number is 618-277-3892 and request to speak to a child support staff.
Do you have forms on your web page?

I want to file my own divorce. What paperwork do you have?
We have the Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage packet. You have to be married less than eight years, no children, it must be filled out completely and notarized, use black ink, and both parties must be present at 8:30 a.m. on M, W, Th, F. It is $246.00 cash or money order. You must qualify to use these forms.
Can I prepare my own uncontested paperwork?
Yes you can. You have to be sure you have the originals documents that we will keep in our file along with two sets of copies that will be for you and the other party. You are responsible for keeping each stack separate and having them ready to go when you get here. Everything must be notarized before you come up on M/W/Th, F. You need to bring at least $392.00 cash with you. We ask that you bring cash because depending on what you are filing will depend on the amount of the fee. You are required to have the correct paperwork for filing a divorce case.
How long are you open and what floor are you on?
We are on the 3rd floor at St. Clair County Courthouse in the Circuit Clerks Office. We are at the Family Division window. We are open M-F from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Is there a way I can get an attorney assigned to me without having the financial means to hire one?
I can refer you to Land of Lincoln. Their number is 618-398-0958. They offer legal help for people with low income.
I need to get an Order of Protection. How do I get one?
Call the Violence Prevention Center at 618-235-0892. They can assist you with filling out the paperwork and you need to call as soon as possible so they can get you in.
Where do I get a filing fee book for the Circuit Clerk’s office?
You can obtain one from the St. Clair County Bar Association.
Do you have paperwork for legal separation, adoptions, annulments or emancipations?
No, you will need to hire an attorney to assist you as we have no paperwork for that.
How am I able to get copies of my transcripts that took place in the courtroom?
Please hold for one second while I transfer you and then you can ask for the supervisor of the court reporters or you can call 618-277-6600 ext. 2544 at your convenience.
Do you have a website?
Yes, the web address is

Civil FAQs

Do you close for lunch?

No, staff are on duty during lunch.
What is my court date?

Give clerk your case number and they can assist you.
How do i file a small claim?

We provide the forms and summons.
How do i start an eviciton?

First you must give the tenant a notice.
Forms are available at the clerk’s office.
Now that i have my judgment, how do i get my money?

You can do a wage deduction if you k
now where the person works. You can do a non wage if you know where they bank. If you do not have this information, it is suggested you do a citation to discover assets.
How much is the filing fee?

Filing fees vary as to case type. See fee book.
How much is the answer fee?

Answer fees vary as to case type. See fee book.
How much is the jury fee?

Small claims $12.50 for six man, $25.00 for 12 man. Civil juries a
re $212.50 for a twelve man.
Who is the judge assigned to my case?

Judge’s vary as to case type.
When is a five day notice given?

When the tenant is behind on their rent, a five day notice is  g
iven, if they don’t cure the problem, you file on the sixth day.
When is a thirty date notice given?

When the landlord wants possession of the property, a
nd the tenant is not behind on the rent.
Do you take discovery?

Under local rule 6.03 no, we take certifcate of services or  n
otice of filings.

Can i have a court date?

Calls are given to the clerk assigned to that judge.
What’s your fax number?

Per the local rules no faxes can be filed. If it is received n
o file mark will appear on the document.

Does a Will get filed prior to a person’s death?
No – Wills are only filed after a person’s death.
Can I read a Will after it is filed?
Yes, the Will is public record after it is filed.
How long after a person dies will I be able to view the Will?
Wills are suppose to be filed within 30 days after the death.
When can a Small Estate’s Affidavit be used?
The Small Estate’s Affidavit can be used when the decedent’s estate is
under $100,000.00 and there is no Real Estate in the deceased name alone.
Where do I file the Small Estate’s Affidavit?
The Small Estate’s Affidavit does not get filed – After it is completed, you
Present it to whom ever has requested it (such as a Bank, Stock broker,
etc.) If the decedent left a Will, it must be filed with the Circuit Clerk’s
Office and then a certified copy is attached to the Small Estate’s Affidavit.
How do I get a “Letter of Office”?
Letters of Office are only issued after an Estate has been filed with the
Court and an Order appointing a Legal Representative has been entered.
When is Probate Court?
Probate Court is held Monday through Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. in
Courtroom #107.
How do I obtain Guardianship of a minor?
A Petition for Guardianship must be filed along with Entry of Appearances
signed and notarized by the parents of the minor. The filing fee due at the
time of filing the Petition is $96.00. After filing and paying the fee a Court
date will be set. The court date is always a Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.
How do I obtain Guardianship of a Disabled Adult?
This procedure is usually handled with an Attorney, however if you choose
to file it on your own, without an Attorney, a packet of forms is available.
How do I terminate the guardianship I have over a minor child?
Complete and file the Petition to Terminate Guardianship, follow the
directions attached to the Petition, and file the completed Petition along
with the proper notice fee. All parties (the parents and the guardian) must
be notified by mail by the Circuit Clerk’s office, and the fee for each notice
mailed is $10.00 each.

When can I expect my bond refund?
Bond refunds can be expected 4-6 weeks after court date.
When I can expect my restitution payment?
Restitution payments are processed approximately 2-3 weeks after the defendant has paid the Circuit Clerk’s office.
Can I come to the Circuit Clerk’s office and pick up my refund check?
Yes, if prior arrangements have been made before the check issue date. A valid, government-issued identification card is required to pick up a check in person.
Can I pick up a refund check for someone else?
No, only the person to whom the check is made payable can pick up the check.
Can I change my address for a refund over the telephone?
Due to security concerns, we do not accept change of address information over the telephone.

Applications for employment may be acquired in the County Personnel Office and submitted to the Circuit Clerk’s Office.
Do to the sensitive role of the Clerk of the Court in the justice system, prospective Circuit Clerk employees must pass a criminal background check, credit history check, and may be subject to a drug test.  Prospective employees must also pass a written test, have sufficient knowledge of Windows-based computer applications, and possess excellent customer service abilities and excellent references.
Applications are accepted at anytime as potential vacancies are unpredictable and posted online.