St. Clair County Guidelines for Filing Exihibits Electronically

Exhibits must be attached to a pleading to be accepted through I2 Filing. Exhibits will not be accepted separately.


On May 22, 2013 the Illinois Supreme Court granted the St. Clair County Circuit Clerk a permanent electronic filing pilot program.  AR (Arbitration), CH (Chancery), D (Divorce), ED (Eminent Domain), F (Family), L (Law), LM (Law Magistrate), P (Probate), SC (Small Claims), and TX (Tax) case types are now accepted. 

There is no extra charge for e-filing beyond the current filing fees, but attorney suspense accounts are required for an attorney or firm to electronically file a document which has a statutory filing fee. Filing fees will be deducted from these accounts as documents are e-filed. Government agencies exempt from filing fees will not be required to have suspense accounts.
If you are an attorney or law firm who would like to file electronically, contact Court System Administrator, Connie Warner at 618-825-2320. Deputy Clerk Warner will provide subsequent information and instructions about setting up an account.  Attorneys and firms will be required to maintain sufficient funds in the account which can be monitored on our website using an assigned password.


E-filing is not mandatory like the federal system, so paper pleadings and documents will still be accepted.
The St. Clair County Circuit Clerk’s E-Filing system utilizes i2file, which is a web-based service.  Attorneys and paralegals can go to to see the attorney registration process and a user manual. Please contact Circuit Clerk Kahalah A. Clay at if you have any questions or concerns.
Please review the E-Filing Local Rules.  The rules are posted here on the Clerk’s website.


If you have any problems with e-filing, please contact


Go to to register for e-filing.